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These flats were constructed by the department Local Government and Human Setttlement and NWHC was appointed to manage them. The CRU Programme was initiated by National Department of Human Settlement to provide a secure, stable rental tenure for lower income persons and household in order to alleviate the housing challenges that government is faced with. The low-income earners have not been catered for in the housing sector leaving them to seek rental in the informal sector in backyard structures and often in poorly located parts of the urban areas which provide poor amenities and usually have insecure tenure. The introduction of CRU by government is intended in addressing an alternative solution to increase the availability of low-cost, decent housing for this income group. There are 100 units consisting of 64 two bedrooms, 24 one bedroom and 12 bachelors each with a parking bay. These units have running water, electricity, fitted cupboards in bedrooms and kitchen including stove and connections for washing machines. The complex has a well secured play area for kids. There is a controlled access to the complex managed by a security company and garden service that maintains it.

In its asset register, the NWHC has block of flats that are currently been allocated to different groups of community. This is in support with its Strategic outcome-oriented goal 3, of providing and facilitating the provision of quality housing and other buildings for the benefit of the lower, middle and if necessary higher income group within our society. These flats are individually registered as a block. In 2016 the board approved the project of Sectional Title Scheme for each flat to have a title deed and be registered. The process is well underway and it is envisaged to be concluded in due course. There is Joint Tenant Committee established in assisting with the management of the flats. Below is the detail information on each block of flats:

  • Kagiso Flats, situated in Erf 6339 Unit 4 Mmabatho has eleven double storey blocks consisting of 88 flats made up of 18 two bedroom units, 28 three bedroom units and 42 four bedrooms units with open parking bays.
  • Wimpy Flats, situated in Erf 1392 Unit 7 Mmabatho consists of 60 flats of three blocks of three storey. This block is made up of 26 three bedroom units, 12 two bedroom and 22 one bedroom with covered parking bays.
  • Kamogelo Flats situated in Erf 1723 Unit 6 Mmabatho consists of 42 flats with two blocks of double storey.
  • Bothibelelo Flats situated in Erf 2111 Tlhabane B in Rustenburg consists of 90 flats.